Welcome to the Tricentis platform – your gateway to achieving excellence in quality!

Empowering every team member to become a quality champion, our platform accelerates the testing of your applications, data, and business processes. Seamlessly integrating with tools throughout your delivery pipeline, here are the essential product features at your disposal.

Discover how the Tricentis platform revolutionizes your testing experience and elevates the quality assurance in your organization to new heights. Start today and become part of the quality revolution!

SAPS AG is pleased to announce the signing of a Master Alliance Agreement with Tricentis in November 2023. Our team of experts is readily available to address your challenges upon request. We are committed to guiding and assisting you in harnessing the capabilities of the Tricentis platform, including Test Automation, Test Management, Performance Testing, Change & Data Intelligence, and Mobile Testing features.

Furthermore, we take pride in our team of 15 Senior Developers who have successfully obtained the following certificates:

  • Automating web application testing (AS1)
  • Automating beyond web applications (AE1)
  • Extending Tosca’s out-of-the-box capabilities (AE2)
  • Optimizing test automation with centralized test data (AS2)
  • Implementing Tosca APIs
  • Structuring your test cases and test data (TDS1)
  • Managing your stateful data (TDS2)

Thank you for entrusting us with your business. For any inquiries or detailed discussions, feel free to reach out.