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We understand that technology is constantly evolving and that legacy systems can hinder your business’s growth. That’s why we offer Reverse Engineering Services that allow you to modernize and optimize your software.

Our team of experts has identified a proven methodology that combines technology and process to ensure a successful outcome.

Here's how we can help:


At the core of our Reverse Engineering Services is the Discovery phase. This initial step is critical to understanding the existing system and identifying opportunities for improvement. Our methodology involves a thorough series of meetings with all stakeholders and product owners who are using the application. During these sessions, we listen to your needs and challenges, and document the purpose, processes, and features of the system as it currently stands. This information serves as the foundation for the rest of the process, allowing us to tailor our approach to your specific needs and goals. With a deep understanding of your existing system, we can identify areas for optimization, modernization, and enhanced performance.


Our engineers will record a series of videos to see how the system behaves in real use cases. During these sessions, we’ll use profilers and other monitoring tools to gather information about what’s happening behind the scenes. The DBAs will generate a relational model and analyze the indexes, total number of tables, records, partitions, and statistics. They’ll look for old, unused data after understanding the behavior of the system. They’ll extract sets of data which are candidates for non-relational storage places like MongoDB, CosmosDB, or MariaDB.

Solution Design

Our solution design engineers will spend iterations in code reviews and refactorings. Afterwards, they’ll make an upgrade procedure for the back-end, front-end, access layer, and database server of your product. This step ensures that your system is optimized for performance and scalability.

Testing and Validation

QA team will run a sequence of recorded use cases with Tricentis products and/or the Selenium framework to validate system behavior, performance, and results of executions compared to the legacy version. We’ll document your solution with all process flow and sequence diagrams and present the KPI results of the reverse engineering process.

Why Choose Us

Key benefits

Enhanced Performance

Our team will analyze and optimize your system's performance to unlock its full potential.

Improved Scalability

Solution design engineers will ensure that your system can handle increased capacity and usage.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

By removing unused data and optimizing your system, we'll help you save on maintenance costs.

Streamlined Processes

Our detailed documentation of the upgrade procedure and process flow will ensure a smooth transition to the new system.

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